Church Re-Opening Statement from MMBBC


In accordance with the State of California and the San Diego County Department of Public Health Services directives published on Monday, May 25, 2020, the Mira Mesa Bible Baptist Church located at 9920 Scripps Lake Drive, Suite 101, San Diego California 92101 implements the following plan and policies for its reopening for religious services:

Because of the dangers related to COVID-19, we strongly suggest all members age 65 and older and members of all ages who have underlying health conditions such as breathing conditions, cancer treatments, suppressed immune systems, etc., to please stay home and continue worshipping via livestream.

If you have the following symptoms stay home and do not come to church:
1. High temperature or fever
2. Coughing
3. Difficulty breathing
4. Loss of taste or smell

1. A distance of 6 feet all around must be maintained between worshippers. Family members can sit together as group during the worship service but must maintain 6 feet from others.
2. Signs will be posted around our church facility and shall be observed by members and guests upon return to our church.
3. No one should plan to attend services who is known to have had any contact with known COVID-19 confirmed case until they have properly quarantined.
4. Members are asked to wear a mask at all times while in the church premises until further notice. (MMBBC has purchased masks and are available for those who have forgotten to bring one. Ask the Usher assigned at the front door entrance) No one will be permitted into the auditorium without a mask. Adults and children age 2 and older will need masks.

-Wear a mask (ages 2 and up)
-Wash your hands before and after services
-Stay six feet from others
-Cover your coughs or sneezes
-Visit hand sanitizing stations frequently
-Be willing to have your temperature taken. (This will be done before you enter the building by the assigned Usher)

-Shake hands
-Hug others
-Come to church if you are sick
-Touch your face, nose, and mouth
-Leave trash in the Main Auditorium

1. Ushers will wear masks at all times.
2. Ushers will wear gloves if passing out or collecting materials or taking body temperature.
3. Attenders and ushers will maintain social distancing of six feet at all times while on the church premises.
4. Auditorium doors will be propped open to avoid the touching of door handles.
5. Hallways and aisles will be clearly marked for one-way foot traffic. Please follow all signage inside the building.
6. Offering plates will not be passed by the ushers, but a designated receptacle will be provided to place your tithes and offerings, or you can use our online giving.
7. Song books and Bibles will be provided underneath the chairs and can be used but should not be shared with others. Leave them under the seats.
8. Doors will be designated as “entrance-only” or “exit-only.” Please observe all signage.
9. Ushers will seat attenders before the services. Families in the same household can sit together.
10. Distancing will be kept in all directions-front, back, left, and right. At the end of the services, ushers will dismiss attenders in a controlled, orderly manner maintaining social distancing. Ushers may need to direct people to a specific exit door. There will be no gatherings at doorways.
11. Attenders are encouraged to promptly return home and refrain from fellowshipping after the church service.
12. No coffee or food will be shared on the church premises.

While Mira Mesa Bible Baptist has always maintained high quality standards of cleaning our facilities, many adjustments have been made in order to prevent illness from spreading in our common areas. We have purchased a Chemical Disinfectant Sprayer that we will use to sanitize the auditorium after each service. We want you to be aware of our practice going forward.

1. Every worker, staff member, and/or volunteer performing cleaning task must wear gloves and mask at all times, New gloves must be put on after completely cleaning each restroom.
2. Toilets, urinals, and sinks will be sanitized before and after every service.
3. Counters and surfaces will be sanitized before and after every services.

1. Handles to all entry/exit doors are being sanitized before and after every services.
2. Immediately after each service, the entire auditorium will be sanitized.
3. Sanitizing stations are cleaned, checked for functionality, and refilled.
4. Light switches are sanitized before and after every service.

1. All toys, chairs, counters, and tables will be cleaned with disinfectant after each service.
2. The nursery will be closed until further notice.

Please note: Due to limited number of people allowed to gather at the services, we can only have 25 people or less in attendance at any given scheduled services.